I never realized that a  hair cut could feel so liberating. Last Friday at around seven-thirty, I sat in my mothers salon as she began to put pony tails in my hair. So many pony tails, I don’t know exactly how many, but probably like eleven, or twelve. She began to snip, one by one, they began to come off. I felt somewhat of a weight relieved when it was through. I forgot what this felt like, to have short hair. After my mom was through “styling” my hair, as she does do this for a living. And I may say that she is goooooooood at it too! I ran my fingers through what hair I still had, and it felt niiiiccceeee. SOOOO NICCEEE. Personally I didn’t like my hair at alllll, it just got in the way of everything. Especially when sleeping. I was trying to sleep the other night, and I was on my stomach with my head facing the right, and I whipped my head to the left, expecting a rush of hair to follow. But nothing. It was just weird.

I was super sick of my hair, and it was just at the length to donate to “Beautiful Lengths” offered by Pantene. The length requirement is eight inches from a little bit above the pony tail to the tip of the hair. Which happens to be the shortest length requirement that i personally found. The pony tail, looking like an octopus, because of the many individual pony tails made into a larger pony tail was just flopping around, lifeless.

I decided to grow my hair out for a couple reasons. The first reason was to just see what I would look like with long hair! What better time to grow your hair, than when in college. The second reason was to give my hair to someone who was really in need of some dank hair. Earlier in my battle with Lupus, I had chemotherapy. I didn’t lose all of my hair  but, I was very afraid I was going to. Being to pull chunks of hair out at a time was still shocking enough. Now I’m feeling well, it was my obligation to give back.. More than likely I will donate my hair again!

But NOT until I get back from this cross country trip, because its that




One response to “Donation

  1. Kevin, What a great thing you are doing, I am so proud of you! Good luck with your ride cross country. Hopefully I will see you before you go.
    Miss you, Mrs D xox

    P.S. I read your posts….Your Dad was a great guy, he touched many peoples lives and is missed by everyone that knew him.

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