Getting ready

I have never done anything like what i am about to do. I’m actually really scared, when people ask me if i am REALLY going to ride my Bicycle across the country, it is so easy to just say yes, i am. But when you think about it, this is going to be the greatest journey of my life. I will never forget something like this, and i will never forget the people that helped me to achieve my goal, and the people who are still helping me, and for those who have yet to help. I am so thankful for everyone who even think about this journey that i am going to take. I would have to say that my mom is my biggest inspiration, pretty much when i told her about this she said “you need to do what you need to do, there is no better time.” she is right, there is not better time for me to conquer this challenge, this goal, MY GOAL. She is an awesome mom who supports me and everything i do! This post is for her ❤

Pour out some liquor and I reminsce, cause through the drama
I can always depend on my mama
And when it seems that I’m hopeless
You say the words that can get me back in focus
When I was sick as a little kid
To keep me happy there’s no limit to the things you did
And all my childhood memories
Are full of all the sweet things you did for me
And even though I act craaazy
I gotta thank the Lord that you made me
There are no words that can express how I feel
You never kept a secret, always stayed real
And I appreciate, how you raised me
And all the extra love that you gave me


3 responses to “Getting ready

  1. right on man. follow your heart and good things will come.

  2. right on man. follow your heart and good things will come. your journey is going to be an awesome one.

  3. Thanks Kev,you make my heart sing! For sure,this will be a trip of your lifetime and through out your life time,you will always hold it dear. Enjoy yourself out there with your riding buddy while crossing God’s beautiful land. Savor all the sights and experiences.When the challenge feels too intense, call on God and remember my mantra,”this too, shall pass” Put one pedal in front of the other.Push,push push. Ask anyone my age,they will tell you how fast time goes by. Before you know it,your time out on the road shall come to pass too. You will have all those memories etched in your mind to share forever more. You’re a strong man in body,mind and spirit. This trip will help you grow that much more. You know I’m very proud of you my son! God be with you always and my spirit is with you out there on your trek.Push.push.push.

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