donation from CHATROULETTE

So i was on the internet the otherday just hanging out, when i came across chatroulette and i decided that it would be a good idea to promote my bike ride, and what do you know Bertha decided to donate five dollars to my cause. Then i got thinking, if i can get a random stranger to donate to my bike ride, why cant i get all the people i know to donate to it. I mean even if people donate one dollar, thats one more dollar than i had before!

So let’s hear it for Bertha, my home girl…the girl who decided that my bike ride was cool enough for her to donate to…lets see some more of that please!!!!!

one love


2 responses to “donation from CHATROULETTE

  1. there you go, 10 bucks. i’m a man of my word. good luck on your ride. so, chatroulette is good for something.

    • THanks dan, you da MAN…really though i greatly appreciate your donation. It really does go to a greater cause…and remember that this donation was tax deductible so that means you can write it off!!!

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