Half-o-ween party

SOOOOOOO it’s ben a long time since i posted a blog, i guess i have just been really busy. But last saturday was my twenty first birthday and i though why not throw a birthday party/fundraiser party for my bike ride so i did…yesterday. the turn out was geat and all of my friends donated about three hundred and three dollars dollars!! But the lame part is that the PLYMOUTH police department came and they gave us a fine of three hundred dollars which is super lame!!! I raised money myself and have been saving for over a year and i have about a thousand dollars for this trip…looks like the plymouth police don’t like fundraisers, or people with Lupus hahah. I am still going to donate everyones money to the lupus foundation, my funds for riding across will be smaller but its just paper, and i don’t need paper…I need my legs, to pedal across the states.

I would like to thank everyone who donated, it really is appreciated!

Much love


3 responses to “Half-o-ween party

  1. I wish i could have came to your partay sir. Love what you are doing xoxox

  2. love you cousin. so proud of you. you should send a letter to the editor of your paper…tell them about the great support you got from PD. It may generate a buzz and some donations too.
    can’t wait to hear about your journey.

    • yeah thats an awesome idea!!! I just talked to my friend who is on the school paper and i am going to try to get an article in there about the support!! hahah i’m really excited

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