I would like to thank everyone who has donated to the Lupus foundation so far. I have a few hundred dollars that i got from the party that I will be putting on the website next weekend. We have all raised about eleven hundred dollars so far!!! Thank you so much!!!!



3 responses to “Money

  1. Hey Kev glad to see you are keeping up with this.

    When do you hit the road? Must be soon right?

    FYI there is a free bike maintenance clinic on campus this Thursday the 13th I think in front of the HUB. Free mini-tuneups and I think some free classes on basic maintenance.

    I def recommend you get the basic stuff down. Any kind of touring is going to require some bike fixes along the way and sometimes you have to get crafty.

    Are you in need of anything parts wise for the trip? I have a shed full of spare parts and depending on your set up maybe I have something you could find some use for, I’d rather my junk travels the country than sit in my parts bin any day.

    when you get a second email me a list of some things you need or just let me know what kinda parts you have on your bike currently and I’ll see if I have any spares you could take.

    ride on

    -Prof O

    • Hey professor!!

      Yeah i am keeping up with this! I’m so excited, i just got everything that i need for my trip. Just got spare housings and gear cables and break cables, half a dozen new spokes. But i do need to get a spoke wrench. I think thats all i need for the time being! I’m so glad that you checked this out!!!

      Thanks for helping me out during class i had a ton of fun, be sure that you keep checking up on my blog as i go. I leave on the twenty fourth of this month!! Thats about a week and a half away!! I’m kinda nervous but super excited!! I plan on going to that bike thing by the HUB, that sounds amazing!!

      Keep checking it out!!


  2. Kevin – I’m so proud of you for your courage and generosity. My family will be there in spirit as you travel the country – and you know Dad will be above watching with pride. Can’t wait for your return – what a fun reunion that will be. Taylor, thanks for supporting Kevin in his endeavor – I”m sure you are his number 1 cheerleader!

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