The journeyy

As i woke up early in the morning i knew this was going to be a big day! I started riding with nick from hampton beach, and rode all the way to Hollis. we went a very pleasant route, we took 101 to 27 to 125 to 111 ALLLLLLL the way to nashua, then got into hollis at about five o’clock. It took about six hours to ride, but we were going pretty slow for the whole way. After i got home we had somewhat of a going away party with pizza and ice cream and allll the goodies that a bike could want!!

Nick and i leave today from my house to go to western mass, we should be riding for atleast four hours today!! I can’t want to post to let everyone know where we actually are. I might not post everyday, but i will have my journal so i can write all my thoughts down.



One response to “The journeyy

  1. Hope your overnight stay at Valparaiso Mennonite went well. Have a great rest of your trip and hope you find other welcoming churches to stay on your travels… God Blesss

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