day three!

Today, we rode and rode and rode…we went about fifty five miles and ended up at my memes house. today there was not really any problems although it was SOOO HOTTT outside. Nick and i rode and drank water and rode and drank water and stopped only a few times. I could only think about taylor woodrow today, and how much i miss her. she is sick right now and has stre throat…which SUCKS. but she will get better. she told me that she thought that she got sick because i left her…could be? i dont know. But i’m going to go hang out with nick and my meme right now, tomorrow it is supposed to rain so we will be riding wet hahah. but i also get to stop at bo’s house and spend the night there which will be awesome to see them!!! Im going to eat now! Talk to my blog soon

I LOVE TAYLOR WOODROW and i miss her so much


One response to “day three!

  1. God bless you, Kevin. It was a pleasure meeting you, and glad we could help a bit. May the Lord keep you safe and grant you a wonderful sense of his presence through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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