Kind people

today while riding ALLLL day with nick we thought that our night was going to end in a tent in the middle of the woods. HOW WRONG WERE WE!!! while stopping in barre at the BP honey farms we met joanna and we were talking to her about our trip, she was kind enough to call maureen, a VERY VERY KIND woman, who happens to be a nurse!! she has all types of animals and she is kind enough to cook us burgers and let us camp in her back yard I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE COME AROUND THIS WAY!!

keeping it short!

i love you tay


One response to “Kind people

  1. Kayvon,

    As I sit here with Chris and Nadia (Daria just went to bed), we are so excited for you! Your phone call made our evening (and so did someone who was playing bagpipes through the woods). Pedal, pedal, pedal … We have faith in you and Nick. We’re all cheering for you. Keep the calls coming.

    Us four, mom, Nadia, Chris, and Daria

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