As I’m sitting here on my moms phone I can’t believe that I can post on my blog. Nick and I were at my memes house last night and got to eat he fresh bread. We left at about seven thirty this morning and rode til about eleven thirty as we rolled into burlington ct where bo’s parents live. I’m actually sitting on their couch. Earlier to my suprise beth aka bos mom ran into us lounging in the shade during this 95 degree dayyy. We rode about fourty miles today… Mostly up mpuntains which was killer in the heat. I’m gonna leave now and take a nap in bos basement because its cooler. Tomorrow should be a better day though only being about seventy five degrees out. I miss taylor soooooooo much and wish she could be here for this amazing journey.


Love you tayy


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  1. Hey Kay, You and Nick are in my thoughts and prayers multiple times a day.Wish you could join us today. Ashley is in town so we are going to a party at Karen’s. You’ll be in our hearts always. I love you my son! Mom

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