Day six

the past couple days were awesome. We made it to ny which happens to be a very uninhabited area. But on thursday nick and I went through the border of ny and went all the way down 55 which took us past hickville while searching for a place to stay we crossed the appilacian trail so we decided to hick up it a bit. We ran into miko and nate who were from brooklyn visiting nates father. Nates father was kind enough to let us camp out in his field which was a rocks throw away from the AT. Nate brought us a couple caronas which was awesome and then I proceded to sleep the best night sleep out of this whole trip. iwe then went on 21 which took us over some SERIOUS mountains but it was fun going back down them. We ended up in Gardiner NY on friday and camped out in a campsite. That night was kinda uncomfortable because of the rocks I slept on but I didn’t mind all that much. I had a dream about taylor woodrow and we were just sitting on a couch. That was nice because it was kinda like hanging out with her. Today after riding up some more mtns we got a beautiful view I wish I had a camera on this phone so I could post them but oh well you all can see them later. After riding down nick realized that he broke a spoke on his bike. Thanks mr. Bond for telling me to get extra spokes. But nick didn’t get a spoke wrench so he had to go to the bike store to get it fixed. Nowwww we are at I1 paradiso resturant 😀 getting pizzzaaa can’t wait to post again




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