heck of a day

Okay soooooo I posted earlier but today was a wiiiillllddddd day soooooo fiirst of alll we were riding and I have never ever ever experience annnyyything like this. So we were riding and rode through a run down deserted town that happened to be the tamarak indian reserve. Thank you america for giving the poor indians the shittiest land in ny as their reservation. But that’s besideds the point. So you all know nick had a busted spoke today well he also got a flat tire in the worst spot ever. This spot was a “jewish town” for those who don’t know what that entails. All of the signs were in hebrew not one store on main street was open and the stores were alllll kosher including a chinneese resturant wtf. Okay so back to nicks tire it was holding a little bit of air which was nice because the guys at rhyno bike works gave nick the wrong tube size. Soooooooooooooo we had to pump up his tire and then ride a few hundred feet and then pump it up again. So basically this for like seven miles before we got to a walmart where nick and I got his tube and got food. And now well we are at a super eight for the night. Weiiiirrrddd dayyyy


One response to “heck of a day

  1. Kevin, the “Jewish town” you guys passed through is the village of Kiryas Joel in Monro, Orange County New York. It’s a Hasidic Jewish village, where most people speak Yiddish and signs are in Hebrew, and like to said everything is kosher.

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