day nine

Day nine

I miss my family

This trip has been going welll I got my first flat tire a couple days ago. I haven’t posted because the internet drains my battery but now I’m in ohio staying at a bed and breakfast and I must say it is soooooo comfortable. Ick and I split the cost of this place and the owner gave us a better deal on it too because he knew we were short on cash. I called my mom the other day whule I was in scranton pa and watching the office hahaha which was ironic and entertaining. But she told me that chris was planning on coming out and riding with me after nick leaves. Which would be sick because it would get lonely out the for a few weeks and that chris is the man.

I want to finish this trip fast that’s why nick and I are cranking out miles and out here in the flat land we can easily go eighty miles in a day. The head winds are pretty bad but keeping my bike in a low gear helps out a lot. Oh today was the first day that I used my big crank gear if that means anything. I look forward to being home and sleeping in MY OWN bed and not having to worry about dodging storms all day!

Can’t wait to post again


4 responses to “day nine

  1. Yay Kay and Nick!!!That would be sick for Chris to come out. He’s working on it.God willing. Meanwhile…Keep on trekking! We miss you too. Before you know it,we’re sitting around drinking white russians reminiscing about all your adventures. Love you. Mom

  2. I went hiking with chris yesterday and he was talking about going to meet up with you. the trip sounds pretty epic man. good luck and much respect for undertaking such a task

  3. Aunt Christine

    What an adventure! My prayers are right there beside you. Hope you enjoy & savor whatever waits round the next bend!
    Love you & think you are so very brave!

  4. Look at you two go! Biking across the North American continent! Your Mom told me today that she thought you were in Ohio … so, you’re making good time. You’ve got a few weeks of flat miles ahead. If you go through S. Dakota, make sure you ride the loop thru the Badlands … and, end your day at the Wall Drug Store! There used to be a little motel towards the end of Main St. It would be a good place to wash off the dust! Keep your eyes to the sky … big storms! Start drinking a liter of half Gatoraid, half water on warm days … to keep your electrolytes balanced. And, next shot you have at bike supplies … pick up some extra tubes, an extra shift cable, and a spare tire … There’s a lot of distance between the towns where you’re heading! Keep cranking, Kev … and, don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers! 🙂 Mr. B

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