dayyyy 13

Ummmmm day thirteen I think. Well first off I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that is checking out my blog and keeping post of what we are doing out here. We did what we wanted to today. We are about ten miles west of toledo ohio so we should be out of ohio tomorrow. I am having a blaaaaasssstttt out here and now I’m $ore excited because chris is probably going to come out and ride with me the rest of the way when nick leaves. But anyhoo nick and I are in plainsville?? I don’t know these towns are so crazy and hickish. We rode about eighty miles today noooo problemms. We rode through some serious weather today its crazy because the land is so flat that you can see storms coming from fifty miles away and they are beautiful to look at until it starts to downpour on you!! Its farmland out here and there is NOTHING to do. We are just cranking out miles at a time but this head wind is killler keeping us at thirteen miles an hour. I miss all my fam and friends. One thing I don’t miss is this fat that I’m burning off. I have prob lost like ten pounds and its crazy its only two weeks in. Nick and I were talking about how many large people we see. We joke about starting a campaine two weeks loose fourty pounds hahah. But really I got to go and make my battery last annnnd finish my beers because as I said there is noooothing to do out here!! Keep commenting and leaving some love.

Love my fam friends and tay

See all you soon


One response to “dayyyy 13

  1. Hey Kevin, I didn’t know you had a blog! Sounds like you’re having a great time, what a fun experience for you. I’m so glad Chris will be joining you. I’m sure you’ll have a million stories to share. Are you keeping a journal?
    I’m going to start reading your blog every day! XO Auntie Paula

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