june 11

June 11

The past few days have been really weird we went through south bend and down rt2 to avoid some citys because nick didn’t want to go through them. Two days ago for personal reasons nick decided to go home. Which I can understand because being out here is rough and he was supposed to leave soon anyways. I’ve been traveling by my self for a couple days now which has been quite peaceful, I am able to go at my own pace and rest when I need to. I have been staying at churches too which is really relaxing…and also free. My days have just been full of riding and resting nothing much besides that…I hit a few rain storms today but it seems like they have passed by, or so I hope! I’m not really sure where I’m going to stay tonight probably another church…I really can’t wait to be home and its nice to know that I’m about half way done with this trip, but I know once its done I’m gonna want it to play over and over again…except sleep in my own bed everynight!!! Back on the road again and hopefully out of illinois by tomorrow! Peace



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