glorious day

Day 20

Today was a great day. I started off from winnebago il I woke up early and realized that I left my helmet in the church that I stayed at soooo I had to go to the police office and they helped me get my helmet…I started riding and got about a mile before I ran into a gentleman that was at the church yesterday I’m sorry I forgot your name but you gave me delish pizza which I was morrrree than thankful for. I saw him at the pharmacy where we talked a bit about my ride and also the storm that was brewing. I decided to stay in town at the grocery store for an hour of two before I rode. And I rode down rt20 for about twenty miles before I stopped in freeport. Oh before I got to freport I got a flat tire which I stopped and patched and kept on my wayyyyyy. I stayed in freeport and went through town and ended up at a church and as I pulled in I heard my tire leaking airrr agaiinnn so I pulled out some glass and did another patch so I didn’t have to waste my tubes and it seemed to be fine. While at the church I ran into a gentleman who was asking what I was doing. He got me in touch with bob…the pastor at the church and a stand up gentleman. He loved what I was doing and wanted to help me out in any way that he could. He got me a motel room which I got to shower and change up which felt amazing. At six o’clock he picked me up for dinner with his wife barb who is very charming we went to a local resturant where I got a pepsi and a burger which was also delishhhh. After talking about everything from school to my dad to my bike ride it was great. Just to let people know where I was coming from and my background and also hear theirs. They also introduced me to their friend dottie who was so kind. After dinner they took me for a ride around town and I got to see the mini rigley freild for the cubs which was sooooo coool and they showed me their parks and I wish I knew earlier about the park because it had boat rides waterfalls and also minnnniii golllfff. I really was happy that I met bob and barb abd dottie they were so kind to me and helped me out more than I could ever ask. I just want to say thank you again for giving me such a great day…I need to sleep now I have a big day tomorrow. I guess mountains are headed my way!!! Hope everyone is great!



3 responses to “glorious day

  1. Aunt Christine

    What delight to read of the people you’ve met, who have shown you such kindness. You’ve touched their lives as they touch yours. For sure they will not forget you or your mission. Those mountains you talk of will be a great challenge on your ride, I have every confidence you are more than up to the task. You remind me of the pioneers trekking across this country so long ago. I think you must be made of the same great stuff! You are in my thoughts & prayers each day.

    “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ~Mark Twain~

  2. Excellent work my friend, seems like you have this trekking thing down.

    And you are doing an impeccable job updating the blog 😉

    Congrats on making it this far and good luck with the journey to come, enjoy those flat states while you can!

    -Prof O

  3. Half way through in 20 days, that’s wonderful. Stay well, be safe and enjoy the ride sweetheart.

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