in iowa

Day twenty two I believe

So today I crossed the mississippi so I’m officially west of the mississippi!!!!!!! Well let’s start out with yesterday tho. So I left the motel that bob were nice enough to find for me which I am so thankful for. I biked from freeport to glendale which was about fourty five miles away but I lost a lot of time because I got caught up in the worst thunderstorm I have encoundered so far. I had to do what mr bond told me and get off my bike leave it walk away and crouch on the ground. I got soaaakkkeeeeedddd. My shoes were wet and I was wet and it stunk and IIIIIIII stunk toooo…but I biked through the “mountains” hahah which were like small hills šŸ™‚ and I ended up in galena il which was a beautifullllll town with all brick buildings and just georgous…like tw…I also got a flat tire on main street whoch stunk but whatever. I moved to the laundry mat up in the hills of galena and proceded to wash my clothes and share my story with the people in the laundry mat because they all saw my map and looked through it and saw the route that I got to take and so far…I changed my flat tire and got all my dry clothes too. I headed out the door at about seven fifteen on my way to iowa and decided it wasn’t a good idea to keep traveling. I saw lots of cars at the galena bible church so I decided to go in and ask idf I could camp out for the night…there I met gary kirst…a very kind man…he helped me out more than I could have imagined…he gave me dinner voucher at mcdonalds and also a night at the stony creek inn which was the nicest hotel I have EVER stayed in…I just want them to know that I am so thankful for everything they gave me. I woke up this morning to rain…again and my shoes are currently drying by the fan…but before I get that far I left the hotel this morning and made it to iowa and it wasn’t that interesting and there was no “welcome to iowa” sign which suckkkkssss. But oh well I know I was here and that’s all that matters. I rode until I got to the divine word college where I got to meet james bergin who is the rector here at the college…I also got to meet all the missionaries at the church that are from all over the world africa, thiland, china, among other countries… But they were alll here for english as a second language class. It was amazing to show them all what I was doing and to point out where my home is and where I am going…they all gave me a round of applause while we were eating dinner…now I am sitting in my beautiful room just relaxing and ready for a shower and bed. I can’t wait for chris to come on sunday!!!!!! I am so thankful for everyone being so nice to me.




3 responses to “in iowa

  1. Kevin, I’m so proud of you. That place in my heart just for you is all lit up. I’m so glad you are interacting with all different people in this beautiful land of America that God has created. Take pictures and keep the stories close to you so you can share them till the end of your days. i love you sooo much my beautiful son! Mom.

  2. Aunt Christine

    Once upon a time you were a shy and quiet guy & look at you now! Your Mom has every reason to be proud of you…I assure you that pride ripples through your entire family. love reading your blog telling your latest adventure & that your OK. Crossing the Mississippi how wonderful, Missouri river next ?


  3. Linda Harrison


    I just love hearing you news! Keep the faith and remember what your doing it all for!!!!

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