June 20th, 2010

So last night was a great night…after the storm I actually got offered a motel for the night by the church. This motel was beautiful…I will post pictures when I get back. But I got to spend the night there, and my neighbor ted was the man he took me out and we played two rounds of frisbee golf and had an awesome time for a few hours…I woke up early knowing that chris and hudini were on their way which made me exciteddd!!!! They arrived and it was a joyous time I biked alll day meeting up with the two every thirty miles…oh biking with no gear is ammmmmaaaazzzziiinnnggg…on my last eight miles I ran into a cross country well from california to home os wisconson bike named blaine he was awesome he was a really cool dudee but had to be on his way!! Chris and I are now at a park eating ravioli and playing guitarrrr woot woot hudini is sleepinggg




One response to “June 20th, 2010

  1. Hi Keyvon and Chris, Yooou go guys. God bless you, enjoy your ride. Momonie and I love you.

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