So I’ve been getting a bit set back over that past few days, with all this rain and such….like today I was riding from cedar falls up to highway three so I could just ride that all the way to nebraska because its safer than any other road…butttt I got about twelve miles in before I saw this black scarry cloud start to roll on in. I pulled off the road and figure out I was only about a mile or two away from waverly iowa. So I rode there, entered the first church that I saw and asked if I could wait out the storm inside…and the woman told me to leave and go to the library…so I did I was riding about another mile before it started to pourrrrrrr rain.  Good thing I was about five hundred feet away from the library!! I walked in and started reading magazines and books to pass the time, and I also got a call from my beautiful girlfriend who HADDDD to tell me she was making my favorite guacamole!!!! I instantly got hungry! The rain passed and I decided to ride again and also noticed that my NH jersey fell off my bike somewhere between cedar falls and waverly :/ that was depressing…but its just a material object…no one was hurt and my bike is fine, so I kept riding…I pased a few towns where I decided it was a good idea to keep going next town, twelve miles….five minuets later another pitch black cloud decideds to roll in….I don’t think I have pedaled harder in my entire lifeee!!!!! I did twelve miles in like a half hour…oh no I can hear the booming of thunder right nowww!! Good thing I’m inside!!!

Chris is somewhere in the usa right now travelling to me!!! I’m not really sure where he is but he is coming tomorrow I think…its going to be nice to have him around…and hudini his “dog” kinda…I’m so excitedd…I wish he brought taylor though…it sure would be nice to see her even for one day or one hour or one secondddddd!!!! Can’t wait for chris thought! Hope all is well with everyone!


Ps. Taylor Woodrow is sooo ripped and strong and could definitely beat me in any contest that involves strength


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