June (23rd) 2010

So the past couple days have been great chris and I are in wyoming!!!! We are at the foothills of the foothills of the rockys!! At the mountain range called big horn! It is beautiful out here and there is snow on all of the mountains!!!! Today chris and I decided to just take a day off and explore seeing as how we skipped nebraska! We climbed a beautiful mountian and boy was iiii sore…doing that uses a totally different part of your legs. after the mountain we found a river…chris took a shower and I just put my legs in…the water was freeeezing cold…last night we found a place to stay in the caverns…it is georgous and it makes me want to stay out here forever….oh hudini…the dog pissed all over my toothbrush and I discovered that when I put it in my mouth, so I had to rinse it with alcohol being it my only tooth brush and all…but today I ride and get to look at all the beautiful mountains and climb them as well which won’t be bad because they are georgous…I can’t wait to show pictures to everyone!!! Today chris is going to explore this massive cave that we discovered in a mountain…I have pictures of that too….its amazing…I feel like I’m on another planet…I can’t believe this is myyyy country!!!


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