June 24th, 2010

So the other day chris and I went exploring after riding. We saw this hugeeeee cave and it was up a cliff…I didn’t want to climb it and risk getting hurt but chris did! He said it was ammmmaaazing and he took a bunch of pictures. While he was climbing I was rock hunting and found a rock with all these crystals on it!!! I decided to smash some rocks and found mooorrreeeee crystals!!!! I have alllways wanted to do that and actually finnnndddd crystals!!!!!! This trip is going sooooo welll with chris here because I can ride and then throw my bike in the back of the truck and EXPLORE the amazing landscapes like the hot water springs that we found and also just scrubbing up in rivers that are ice colddd!!!! I can’t wait to be homeeeee but I wanna live out here it is beautiful out hereee!!!before chris came out I was ride ride ride ride ride ride non stopppp and now like mr b. Told me stop and smell the roses!!! I can now just ride sixty or seventy miles in the truck and spend the whole day exploring the amazing landscapes 🙂 it is just soooo amazing out here!!! Can wait to be swimming in the ocean thought!!!



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