June 26th, 2010

So on the ride chris and I decidesd to stop at craters of the moon after we met up!! We actually passed by and stopped only to find that it costs money to go in so I told bob gold…the ranger at the station and he said we could walk in for a few mins…after about ten mins crhis and I decided to leave and walked back to bob and thank him….I took a picture with bob and then he told us to just drive in and explore the “inferno cone” and the “splatter cone and big craters” annnndd the cave area…I have pictures to show. But the inferno cave was crazy it is a huge cinder butte that towers above the lava and gives you an amazing view of what actually happened…the splatter cones were beautiful…splatter cones are like the last of the eruption when the lava just splatters up and makes like a bigggg cone…the main one was huuuuggggeeee and had snow inside of it,along with a hat and other humanly belongings. But my faveorite part was the caves…and by this time it was like nine at nighttt and we had to flip a coin to decide whether to go…and we flipped not to go…and then went anyways….I have neverrrrrrrrr experienced anything like this in my life before and please pleaseeee if you don’t lmow what the craters of the moon are look at it online “the indian tunnel” “dewdrop cave” and “bouscout cave”. They are allllll georgousss!!!!!

Tomorrow I go to big juds….the home of the one pound burger to see if I can do the challangeee!!!! I’m excited about that because it was the oneeeeeee thing I actually planned to see on this trip!!

Can’t wait to let you know what happens


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