So I’ve been getting a bit set back over that past few days, with all this rain and such….like today I was riding from cedar falls up to highway three so I could just ride that all the way to nebraska because its safer than any other road…butttt I got about twelve miles in before I saw this black scarry cloud start to roll on in. I pulled off the road and figure out I was only about a mile or two away from waverly iowa. So I rode there, entered the first church that I saw and asked if I could wait out the storm inside…and the woman told me to leave and go to the library…so I did I was riding about another mile before it started to pourrrrrrr rain.  Good thing I was about five hundred feet away from the library!! I walked in and started reading magazines and books to pass the time, and I also got a call from my beautiful girlfriend who HADDDD to tell me she was making my favorite guacamole!!!! I instantly got hungry! The rain passed and I decided to ride again and also noticed that my NH jersey fell off my bike somewhere between cedar falls and waverly :/ that was depressing…but its just a material object…no one was hurt and my bike is fine, so I kept riding…I pased a few towns where I decided it was a good idea to keep going next town, twelve miles….five minuets later another pitch black cloud decideds to roll in….I don’t think I have pedaled harder in my entire lifeee!!!!! I did twelve miles in like a half hour…oh no I can hear the booming of thunder right nowww!! Good thing I’m inside!!!

Chris is somewhere in the usa right now travelling to me!!! I’m not really sure where he is but he is coming tomorrow I think…its going to be nice to have him around…and hudini his “dog” kinda…I’m so excitedd…I wish he brought taylor though…it sure would be nice to see her even for one day or one hour or one secondddddd!!!! Can’t wait for chris thought! Hope all is well with everyone!


Ps. Taylor Woodrow is sooo ripped and strong and could definitely beat me in any contest that involves strength


in iowa

Day twenty two I believe

So today I crossed the mississippi so I’m officially west of the mississippi!!!!!!! Well let’s start out with yesterday tho. So I left the motel that bob were nice enough to find for me which I am so thankful for. I biked from freeport to glendale which was about fourty five miles away but I lost a lot of time because I got caught up in the worst thunderstorm I have encoundered so far. I had to do what mr bond told me and get off my bike leave it walk away and crouch on the ground. I got soaaakkkeeeeedddd. My shoes were wet and I was wet and it stunk and IIIIIIII stunk toooo…but I biked through the “mountains” hahah which were like small hills 🙂 and I ended up in galena il which was a beautifullllll town with all brick buildings and just georgous…like tw…I also got a flat tire on main street whoch stunk but whatever. I moved to the laundry mat up in the hills of galena and proceded to wash my clothes and share my story with the people in the laundry mat because they all saw my map and looked through it and saw the route that I got to take and so far…I changed my flat tire and got all my dry clothes too. I headed out the door at about seven fifteen on my way to iowa and decided it wasn’t a good idea to keep traveling. I saw lots of cars at the galena bible church so I decided to go in and ask idf I could camp out for the night…there I met gary kirst…a very kind man…he helped me out more than I could have imagined…he gave me dinner voucher at mcdonalds and also a night at the stony creek inn which was the nicest hotel I have EVER stayed in…I just want them to know that I am so thankful for everything they gave me. I woke up this morning to rain…again and my shoes are currently drying by the fan…but before I get that far I left the hotel this morning and made it to iowa and it wasn’t that interesting and there was no “welcome to iowa” sign which suckkkkssss. But oh well I know I was here and that’s all that matters. I rode until I got to the divine word college where I got to meet james bergin who is the rector here at the college…I also got to meet all the missionaries at the church that are from all over the world africa, thiland, china, among other countries… But they were alll here for english as a second language class. It was amazing to show them all what I was doing and to point out where my home is and where I am going…they all gave me a round of applause while we were eating dinner…now I am sitting in my beautiful room just relaxing and ready for a shower and bed. I can’t wait for chris to come on sunday!!!!!! I am so thankful for everyone being so nice to me.



glorious day

Day 20

Today was a great day. I started off from winnebago il I woke up early and realized that I left my helmet in the church that I stayed at soooo I had to go to the police office and they helped me get my helmet…I started riding and got about a mile before I ran into a gentleman that was at the church yesterday I’m sorry I forgot your name but you gave me delish pizza which I was morrrree than thankful for. I saw him at the pharmacy where we talked a bit about my ride and also the storm that was brewing. I decided to stay in town at the grocery store for an hour of two before I rode. And I rode down rt20 for about twenty miles before I stopped in freeport. Oh before I got to freport I got a flat tire which I stopped and patched and kept on my wayyyyyy. I stayed in freeport and went through town and ended up at a church and as I pulled in I heard my tire leaking airrr agaiinnn so I pulled out some glass and did another patch so I didn’t have to waste my tubes and it seemed to be fine. While at the church I ran into a gentleman who was asking what I was doing. He got me in touch with bob…the pastor at the church and a stand up gentleman. He loved what I was doing and wanted to help me out in any way that he could. He got me a motel room which I got to shower and change up which felt amazing. At six o’clock he picked me up for dinner with his wife barb who is very charming we went to a local resturant where I got a pepsi and a burger which was also delishhhh. After talking about everything from school to my dad to my bike ride it was great. Just to let people know where I was coming from and my background and also hear theirs. They also introduced me to their friend dottie who was so kind. After dinner they took me for a ride around town and I got to see the mini rigley freild for the cubs which was sooooo coool and they showed me their parks and I wish I knew earlier about the park because it had boat rides waterfalls and also minnnniii golllfff. I really was happy that I met bob and barb abd dottie they were so kind to me and helped me out more than I could ever ask. I just want to say thank you again for giving me such a great day…I need to sleep now I have a big day tomorrow. I guess mountains are headed my way!!! Hope everyone is great!


june 11

June 11

The past few days have been really weird we went through south bend and down rt2 to avoid some citys because nick didn’t want to go through them. Two days ago for personal reasons nick decided to go home. Which I can understand because being out here is rough and he was supposed to leave soon anyways. I’ve been traveling by my self for a couple days now which has been quite peaceful, I am able to go at my own pace and rest when I need to. I have been staying at churches too which is really relaxing…and also free. My days have just been full of riding and resting nothing much besides that…I hit a few rain storms today but it seems like they have passed by, or so I hope! I’m not really sure where I’m going to stay tonight probably another church…I really can’t wait to be home and its nice to know that I’m about half way done with this trip, but I know once its done I’m gonna want it to play over and over again…except sleep in my own bed everynight!!! Back on the road again and hopefully out of illinois by tomorrow! Peace


ohio is getting destroyed

Wow I can’t believe what I am seeing in ohio. I have never ever ever ever experienced weather like this. Wind that’s gusting at sixty and rain that seems like it will make you bleed if you stay outside for more than sa min. Tonight I saw a transformer get struck by lightning and it put off the most glorious turquoise light I have ever seen. I also saw a picnic table get lifted ten feet off the ground and fly a hundred feet before smashing to pieces when hitting a tree. The tornado sirens are such a weird noise its erie to listen to them… And no wonder why the anchient civili*tions always made gods of mother nature. She is the most powerful thing on earth…she don’t mess around homie

dayyyy 13

Ummmmm day thirteen I think. Well first off I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that is checking out my blog and keeping post of what we are doing out here. We did what we wanted to today. We are about ten miles west of toledo ohio so we should be out of ohio tomorrow. I am having a blaaaaasssstttt out here and now I’m $ore excited because chris is probably going to come out and ride with me the rest of the way when nick leaves. But anyhoo nick and I are in plainsville?? I don’t know these towns are so crazy and hickish. We rode about eighty miles today noooo problemms. We rode through some serious weather today its crazy because the land is so flat that you can see storms coming from fifty miles away and they are beautiful to look at until it starts to downpour on you!! Its farmland out here and there is NOTHING to do. We are just cranking out miles at a time but this head wind is killler keeping us at thirteen miles an hour. I miss all my fam and friends. One thing I don’t miss is this fat that I’m burning off. I have prob lost like ten pounds and its crazy its only two weeks in. Nick and I were talking about how many large people we see. We joke about starting a campaine two weeks loose fourty pounds hahah. But really I got to go and make my battery last annnnd finish my beers because as I said there is noooothing to do out here!! Keep commenting and leaving some love.

Love my fam friends and tay

See all you soon

dayy twelve

Day twelve

I’m going to cut this short because we didn’t really do anything. Last night except crush beers which was nice. And today we went through clevland which was interesting. Ohhh yesterday I got a flat tire and nick got one today. I was worried about tire changing and spoke changing. But now I’m a pro I should concider working at a bike shop. Right now we are hanging out at bradstreetslanding which is a nice little area on lake erie. And erie is HUGEEEE reminds me of the ocean its so big. But I gotta get off my phone now but.

I love taylor woodrow.