the remainder

SOOOOO as everyone knows my phone was unable to post on this website for some “java” reason apparently. But i wanted to keep everyone posted in what happened…I MADE IT HOME!!! I got home a few days ago and have been MORE THAN BUSY, and not really liking being home with “real life” things to do, like figure out my school situation :/ . on a better note though I will inform you all of the remainder of my ride and the amazing things that chris and i saw. Soooo i left of with how excited i was about going to big juds…the burger place…oh my LANTA it was more than i expected, i rode that day and chris had to drive me into the city becase route 26 20 and 84 were all the same road for like twenty miles right outside of boise and the speed limit was 75…sooooo it was a good choice not to ride there, and i had to built up for my hunger and prepare myself for this massiiiivveee burger that i was going to try and finish…chris and i pulled up to this realllly small restaurant and went inside, where we found burgers the size of a small child, and sized up enough to be on man vs. food, if you haven’t heard of the show…you shouldddd!!! So chris and i both got the big juds burger and we started eattting! and i finished my first food challenge and i’m on the wall at big juds incase anyone ever decided to go there check it out! after leaving boise chris and i trekd the twenty miles that it took to get to oregon, on an awful dirt road which had all these pebbles on it, and you would just get hit by pebbles every two seconds, because the people out there got 90 on that road 🙂 the roads leading into oregon and throughout idaho are similar to the mid west, its more like a desert though, WAY MORE BEAUTIFUL. there was soooo much stuff that chris and i did on this trip in between stops and breaks, we went mini cliff diving in oregon by mt mackenzie, which i have pictures but i am not good at uploading so it may take a few days before i can get my mom to help me out. in idaho there are beautiful creeks and rivers which we would just wash up and jump in them, even though they were like 32 degrees! everyday consisted of riding and finding a cool place to swim, mainly because all of the rivers in oregon were bright blue and teal and looked like we were in the Caribbean, but felt like we were in the Arctic! every night was an adventure, just finding places to sleep, whether it was “magic reservoir ” or a state park with RED WOODS IN IT small ones but still HUGGEEEEE my favorite night of sleep was our second night in oregon, we just went into the woods and set up camp, it was dark so i didn’t know what we were camping in but when i woke up in the morning and saw how beautiful and red the trees were wow i can’t even explain it in words i need to upload my pictures.

last day, my last day was about a fifty mile ride to the coast, through jungle like surroundings. the only thing i could think of was jurrasic park. the trees just had this beautiful moss dripping down from all of the trees it was beautiful. I was supposed to ride 20 all the way, but i decided to take 126 into florence oregon. the ride was amazing and by far the most beautiful of the trip, and when you are like ten miles from the coast it is the most glorious thing to just see little sand dunes. it was like seven thirty at night when i first saw the sand dunes and i got excited, the sun was on its way down in the west and i was peddaling so hard to watch it set on the beach. Chris was already at the beach making his instant coffee. As i pedaled through florence i was just looking for the signs to the beach and they arrived, and so had i. It was an amazing feeling, but i didn’t really know how to react to it! It was the most beautiful water i had ever seen before! I cant even explain, i need to post my pictures asap!

as far as the car ride home….chris and i booked it…we drove soooo much and didn’t stop. it was CRAZYYYY we had nooooo problems at alll until worcester, figures huh…east coast traffic succckkksss…but for those three days i lived off of fried chicken bread canned ravioli and RIP IT hahah dollar tree energy drinks…which i will never drink another energy drink again due to this trip, they made me feel like GARBAGE…I will post more soon, this was just a short glimpse of what happened…the pictures will tell more storys!!!


June 27th, 2010

I can’t blog on my phone anymore and I have been sending my blogs to taylor to post. I am going to write in my journal for the rest of the trip…I should be home in about a week or less…being week five…plenty of adventures from the west…talk to you soon

June 26th, 2010

So on the ride chris and I decidesd to stop at craters of the moon after we met up!! We actually passed by and stopped only to find that it costs money to go in so I told bob gold…the ranger at the station and he said we could walk in for a few mins…after about ten mins crhis and I decided to leave and walked back to bob and thank him….I took a picture with bob and then he told us to just drive in and explore the “inferno cone” and the “splatter cone and big craters” annnndd the cave area…I have pictures to show. But the inferno cave was crazy it is a huge cinder butte that towers above the lava and gives you an amazing view of what actually happened…the splatter cones were beautiful…splatter cones are like the last of the eruption when the lava just splatters up and makes like a bigggg cone…the main one was huuuuggggeeee and had snow inside of it,along with a hat and other humanly belongings. But my faveorite part was the caves…and by this time it was like nine at nighttt and we had to flip a coin to decide whether to go…and we flipped not to go…and then went anyways….I have neverrrrrrrrr experienced anything like this in my life before and please pleaseeee if you don’t lmow what the craters of the moon are look at it online “the indian tunnel” “dewdrop cave” and “bouscout cave”. They are allllll georgousss!!!!!

Tomorrow I go to big juds….the home of the one pound burger to see if I can do the challangeee!!!! I’m excited about that because it was the oneeeeeee thing I actually planned to see on this trip!!

Can’t wait to let you know what happens

June 24th, 2010

So the other day chris and I went exploring after riding. We saw this hugeeeee cave and it was up a cliff…I didn’t want to climb it and risk getting hurt but chris did! He said it was ammmmaaazing and he took a bunch of pictures. While he was climbing I was rock hunting and found a rock with all these crystals on it!!! I decided to smash some rocks and found mooorrreeeee crystals!!!! I have alllways wanted to do that and actually finnnndddd crystals!!!!!! This trip is going sooooo welll with chris here because I can ride and then throw my bike in the back of the truck and EXPLORE the amazing landscapes like the hot water springs that we found and also just scrubbing up in rivers that are ice colddd!!!! I can’t wait to be homeeeee but I wanna live out here it is beautiful out hereee!!!before chris came out I was ride ride ride ride ride ride non stopppp and now like mr b. Told me stop and smell the roses!!! I can now just ride sixty or seventy miles in the truck and spend the whole day exploring the amazing landscapes 🙂 it is just soooo amazing out here!!! Can wait to be swimming in the ocean thought!!!


June (23rd) 2010

So the past couple days have been great chris and I are in wyoming!!!! We are at the foothills of the foothills of the rockys!! At the mountain range called big horn! It is beautiful out here and there is snow on all of the mountains!!!! Today chris and I decided to just take a day off and explore seeing as how we skipped nebraska! We climbed a beautiful mountian and boy was iiii sore…doing that uses a totally different part of your legs. after the mountain we found a river…chris took a shower and I just put my legs in…the water was freeeezing cold…last night we found a place to stay in the caverns…it is georgous and it makes me want to stay out here forever….oh hudini…the dog pissed all over my toothbrush and I discovered that when I put it in my mouth, so I had to rinse it with alcohol being it my only tooth brush and all…but today I ride and get to look at all the beautiful mountains and climb them as well which won’t be bad because they are georgous…I can’t wait to show pictures to everyone!!! Today chris is going to explore this massive cave that we discovered in a mountain…I have pictures of that too….its amazing…I feel like I’m on another planet…I can’t believe this is myyyy country!!!

June 22, 2010

Soooooo this mayyybe cheating buttttt….chris came out with his truck and we decided to drive a few hundred miles through nebraska…seeing as how I should be at orientation for school today…but that’s besides the fact. I’m just sick of flat and would rather have the rockys to look forward to…my legs greatly appreciate it A LOTTTTT but ohio was funnnn especially frisbee golf with ted…but today chris and I took a ride for a while and went to south dakota and visited the BADLANDS which was breath taking because in the middle of the flat lands there was like a mini grand canyonnn!!!! And we also went to wall drug…the home of free ice water hahahahh!!!! But we will drive today until we hit wyoming where I will ride again and hit the foot hills of the rockys 🙂 where I will have some fun climbing 🙂 🙂 🙂 I’m so excited to be home…I probably have a couple more weeks of climbing and then I get to swin in the pacific!!!! It is sooooooooooooo weird driving in the car for the first time in a month!!! I will post soon to let you know how sore my legs are 🙂

June 20th, 2010

So last night was a great night…after the storm I actually got offered a motel for the night by the church. This motel was beautiful…I will post pictures when I get back. But I got to spend the night there, and my neighbor ted was the man he took me out and we played two rounds of frisbee golf and had an awesome time for a few hours…I woke up early knowing that chris and hudini were on their way which made me exciteddd!!!! They arrived and it was a joyous time I biked alll day meeting up with the two every thirty miles…oh biking with no gear is ammmmmaaaazzzziiinnnggg…on my last eight miles I ran into a cross country well from california to home os wisconson bike named blaine he was awesome he was a really cool dudee but had to be on his way!! Chris and I are now at a park eating ravioli and playing guitarrrr woot woot hudini is sleepinggg